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Coleman Road & Willeo Road, Roswell, Georgia

This mural is part of a neighborhood improvement project in Roswell, Georgia. Commissioned by Roswell Arts Fund Grant and includes multiple artists and utility box mural locations. I was asked to respond to a prompt based on site-specific requests. The design came from a request for local wildlife, deep forest, and other phrasing.

As a Symbolist, I choose color, flora, and fauna that hold particular meanings. I decided to highlight the Kingfisher because the Chattahoochee River is right around the corner and it thrives near water. The Kingfisher represents tranquility, harmony, and inner balance and invokes bold action and courage.

  • It symbolizes wealth, abundance, and good fortune, bringing love, affection, and prosperity.

  • The Kingfisher guides us towards exploring new realms of knowledge and embracing the unknown, unlocking wisdom and insights.

  • It encourages overcoming fear, confronting and conquering fears, restoring balance, and inspiring personal growth and transformation

Roswell, Georgia is very close to the area of town where I got sober 9 years ago and I'm so grateful for the life I've created for myself over these years. It is a gift to be able to do the work I do and empowering to bring joy and intention back to neighborhoods I once frequented. Exciting to create such a strong symbol for my first mural of 2024 and share it with the community of Roswell. May we all have a prosperous and balanced life.

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