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SoundNOW Festival presents: Rising

Updated: Feb 25

Atlanta Contemporary Ensemble put on this unique collaborative performance on January 28, 2024, at Core Dance in Decatur, Georgia, where music and dance are paired with selected visual art. The art of Krista M. Jones was used as inspiration for this international call for contemporary chamber music compositions. The 3 figurative abstract paintings seen above are from an ongoing series called Patchwork. From left to right, Chimera, Rising, & In Thirds. Each painting is 6 feet tall and they can be displayed together in a triptych or stand on their own creating a connection somewhere else.


This work is centered on symbolism and explores the human condition through fragmented landscapes, avian themes, and elements found in both our man-made and natural worlds. Topics of the cycle of life, death, freedom, and perspective are found in this work. All of this is rooted in the artist's desire to understand their own human existence, feel connected, and share with the world.

Art and animation:

Krista M. Jones

Winning composers:

"Seagulls" by Stephanie Chou

"Cumulus" by Priscila Chu

"Fractured Fairy Tales" by Alon Nechushtan 

Dancers of Music and Movement:

Frankie Freeman

Paul Jenkins


Amy Wilson


Benjamin Shirley- Cello

Gabriel Monticello- Bass

Bora Moon- Clarinet

Judith Gibert Klein- Flute

Caleb Herron- Percussionist

Chuck Gunsaullus- Violin/Viola

Brittany Ross- Violin

Eric Fontaine- Saxophone

Audio/Video recording and projection:

Bill Woodward of Lake Audio & Video

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