Self Portrait series

I have always used myself as a subject throughout the years. It started out of convenience as I am always available to model. Then I realized it was a unique way to express myself and it had deep healing properties for me. It is a way to process my own experiences as an observer, which is often difficult to do as a human being. I can step outside of myself to gain a wider perspective of my own human nature. I explore self-portraiture across multiple mediums. 

Please contact me directly for purchases, commissions, and gallery representation:


Self Portrait mixed media on canvas, 36" x 24"


Gift of Fire

36" x 48" Acrylic on canvas



24" x 36" Tryptic mixed media on canvas'



SX-70 Polaroid hand manipulation, mixed media in wood/plexi-glass containment


The Healer

Self Portrait photography and graphic manipulation, encaustic on wood panel


My Shadow

18" x 24" mixed media on canvas


Thoughts of Christ

24" x 36" framed graphite and gold leaf


The Split

24" x 36" oil pastel on paper

-not available-

The Silent Scream

24" x 36" conte chalk on paper

-not available-

Out of Focus

24" x 24" SX-70 hand manipulation enlarged on canvas


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