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Krista M. Jones 

(aka JONESY)

Artist / Symbolist


My current work centers on symbolism and several figurative series that explore the human experience through unconventional self-portraits, fragmented landscapes, and avian themes. At times the work mirrors aspects of expressionism, cubism, and abstract expressionism with a tendency toward deformation and dislocation of shapes and subject matter. These dreamlike landscape paintings are meant to captivate and move the viewer through an experience. I am interested in breaking down subjects into simplified forms and putting them back together in complex ways that challenge the mind, offering the viewer just enough visual cues to create their own story. By using color forms that make up this kind of patchwork, I can simplify busy streets and unseen lives into meditative and connected patterns. Practicing the art of self-portraiture allows me space to step outside myself and gain a different perspective. Through focus subjects, such as birds, I process life while depersonalizing the work so it can reach a wider audience. Ultimately, all my work is rooted in the desire to understand my human existence, to feel connected, and share with the world around me.


Krista M. Jones, also known as JONESY, is a contemporary artist, based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is best known for her vibrant, symbolic patterned based murals and complex canvas paintings. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbus State University but is predominantly a self-taught painter. Her canvas works have been featured in exhibitions throughout the United States and she has sold work both nationally and internationally. She received the Laura Patricia Calle grant in 2017 for Living Walls, in collaboration with four other women for a mural project called “In Solidarity”. She was awarded a Gwinnett Creativity Fund grant to create a mural for The Hudgens Center for Art & Learning in 2021 and has recently received a portion of National Endowment for the Arts grant to help support her solo exhibition which opens in May 2023 in the Fowler Gallery at the Hudgens Center for Art & Learning.


She has received public art commissions from notable clients such as City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Atlanta Department of City Planning, City of Chamblee in conjunction with St. Vincent de Paul, The Hudgens Center for Art & Learning, Mill Creek Residential/Modera Vinings, Jon Ossoff for Senate, Sugarloaf CID, Atlanta Beltline, Inc., Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), Livable Buckhead, Path Foundation and Living Walls, the City Speaks. Her murals can be seen around the Atlanta metro area and are rich with vibrant color, stylized flora/fauna, and patterns.

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