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Greetings from above painting by Krista M. Jones



I can get lost in my own thoughts looking at this body of work, the perfect balance between the landscapes and the drama that evolves, usually in the middle of the work, to me completes the idea of a combination of taking chances, risk, and innovation, that finally delivers a central punch.


There is a balance of mystery and hope that resonates to our human condition.  Its intriguing how these paintings can exist almost in an atemporal space. While they were made in the present they seem to still reflect old fears, future dreams, and present anxieties. However, if you look intensely, and pay attention, you will discover the underlying message: we are all made from the same fabric, we all look at the sky for inspiration, and we’re in it together.” 

Esteban Patiño Contemporary Artist, Atlanta, Georgia & Medellín, Colombia 

Esteban Patino.jpg
"The work is truly beautiful and mysterious.” 

Esteban Patiño, Contemporary Artist 

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