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Click photo to view the exhibition in a virtual tour.

Patchwork is a solo exhibition and body of work by Krista M. Jones, a contemporary artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. The original exhibition was located in The Fowler Gallery at The Hudgens Center for Art & Learning and was on view from May 6th  through July 22nd, 2023. This exhibition included large-scale paintings, smaller works, a soft relief sculpture, and installations.  National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant recipient which helped support the exhibition’s audio components and tactical elements that were included for those who are blind or visually impaired.


Photo by Corinna Hansen

My current work centers on symbolism and several figurative series that explore the human experience through unconventional self-portraits, fragmented landscapes, and avian themes. At times the work mirrors aspects of expressionism, cubism, and abstraction with a tendency toward deformation and dislocation of shapes and subject matter. These dreamlike landscape paintings are meant to captivate and move the viewer through an experience. I am interested in breaking down subjects into simplified forms and putting them back together in complex ways that challenge the mind, offering the viewer just enough visual cues to create their own story. 

By using color forms that make up this kind of patchwork, I can simplify busy streets and the chaos of unseen lives into meditative and connected patterns. To step back and gain a wider view from above is a way for me to examine Sympatheia, a philosophy that says all things are mutually woven together and because of that they have affinity for each other. This body of work is simultaneously a reminder of our greatness and our smallness, our insignificance and our essentialness, an affinity of parts to the whole, and mutual interdependence. Through non-human focus subjects, such as birds, I process life while depersonalizing the work so it can reach a wider audience. Ultimately, my work is rooted in the desire to understand my human existence, feel connected, and share with the world around me.


11”x14” signed/numbered limited edition prints of “Rising” are available 

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