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Updated: Jun 5

[Atlanta, GA June 4, 2024] –– The Sugarloaf Community Improvement District in partnership with The Hudgens Center for Art & Learning is working with Atlanta-based artist Krista Jones (aka Jonesy) to create a vibrant, patterned mural to cover the northbound facing wall on the Sugarloaf Parkway at I-85 underpass. The mural will span the almost 11,000-square-foot wall at the gateway into Gwinnett’s Downtown. The concept of this mural comes from the artist’s “FORMATIONS” series, which examines how vibrant color, elements of nature, and sweeping patterns can transform sterile urban spaces into moments of joy. This will be one of the largest murals in the Atlanta metro area and because of this alone, its impact on Gwinnett and the Sugarloaf district will be grand.

After 2 years of planning and site preparations, Jonesy and her team are finally installing this monumental project, and the mural's completion is anticipated in July. Colorful patterns are taking shape and each day more of the intricacies unfold.

Muhammad Suber & Angela Bortone working on upper level of the colors. May 30, 2024

Jonesy has worked with The Hudgens Center for several years, engaging with them in her public art practice, studio practice, and educational outreach. In 2021, while installing a mural for the Hudgens Center she was introduced to the Sugarloaf CID and began conversations about the possibilities of this enormous project. Over those years they have worked tirelessly together to bring this mural to fruition. This project is the direct result of Jonesy's dedication to her creative work, prioritization of genuine connections, and the supportive vision of Sugarloaf CID to create a welcoming space for those who visit this area. The mural features sweeping wave formations that are intended to disrupt the geometric nature of the urban landscape. The artist's use of organic shapes, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors is meant to create a sense of harmony and connection between people and their environment. The waves symbolize energy and change, while the stylized flora embodies vitality, growth, and interconnectedness.

The artist believes that murals can serve as a reminder that it's okay to interact and engage with these spaces and the mural invites viewers to connect with the artwork and with each other, even if only for a moment.

JONESY in front of Sugarloaf CID mural in progress. May 29, 2024

Special thanks to the artist team helping JONESY install this mural:

Partial funding for this mural is by Gwinnett Creativity Fund


The Sugarloaf Community Improvement District (CID) was formed in 2016 to ensure the long-term success of Gwinnett County’s premier business and entertainment district located along the Sugarloaf Parkway and Satellite Boulevard corridors. The CID is a top employment center and home to the Gas South District. Through local, state, and regional partnerships, the Sugarloaf CID works to make sure the district remains an attractive, safe, and thriving area for businesses and visitors alike.

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